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Do you want crisp vision, especially in low-light when you wear your contacts?

PureVision 2 contacts from Bausch + Lomb are designed to reduce halos and glare and deliver clear, crisp vision for customers with near or farsightedness. Plus, these contact lenses offers design advances for outstanding comfort and breathability. PureVision 2 contacts can be worn up to one month before replacement. These contacts should be removed, cleaned, rinsed, and disinfected daily.

With a thin, rounded edge, PureVision 2 enables a smooth, gentle lens/lid interaction for soft, comfortable contact lens wear. PureVision 2 is one of the thinnest contact lenses on the market today, yet it's remarkably easy to handle. Each contact lens is packaged in moisture rich packaging solution to ensure maximum comfort during insertion. PureVision 2 contacts feature high oxygen transmission for bright, healthy eyes. The thin design of PureVision 2 contacts provide a remarkably natural feel and supports wearing comfort throughout the day. The moisture-rich packaging solution supports comfort.

PureVision 2 contacts are one of the more breathable contact lenses available today and are designed to let high levels of oxygen pass through the lens during wear. 79% of wearers agree PureVision 2 contacts keeps their eyes clear and bright and 2 out of 3 wearers say PureVision 2 makes them less aware of their contacts.